internship in nepal

Internship opportunity in trekking company in Nepal

Are you looking for internship opportunity in Kathmandu Nepal? Do you want to learn about trekking and tourism business? Do you want to know about the tourism industry of Nepal? Are you interested in Himalayan tourism? If yes, then we have an opportunity for you.

Our internship opportunity in trekking company provides handful experience of Nepalese tourism industry, the process of trekking and tour booking, corresponding to clients and operation of a successful trip. This internship opportunity gives benefits for both intern and companies by working together.

Internship in Trekking agency is a great way to explore the career in tourism business in coming days. Being a self-organizer or becoming a professional manager, you can work in both ways.

We have currently opened the followings interns program

  • Trekking Operation
  • Travel content writer
  • Customer relationship
  • Corresponding

In addition to, Internship are available for outstanding undergraduate and graduate university students. Assignments generally last twelve to 15 weeks. When you participate, you’ll:

  • Gain hands-on experience by participating in live projects.
  • Explore skills under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals.
  • Use our internship program as a gateway to explore job opportunities with our world-wide, well-known, established organizations such as Manufacturing, Import and Export, Travel and Tourism after graduation.

Internship Requirements:

We offer the internship opportunity in the tourism related job, mainly the corresponding, content writing and operation.

General duties include:

  • Daily work planning
  • Package preparation and research
  • Company branding idea generate
  • Co-operate with field staffs
  • Photos, videos and necessary document preparation
  • Prepare for the coming events and programs

Studies and practical experience:

Prior knowledge necessary: The internship requires prior knowledge and is therefore particularly suitable for students or trainees in the field of the internship. Your tutor/the team will familiarize you with all tasks and will provide support during your activities. Additionally, it is important that you are eager to learn and interested.

Time Limitation: We suggests you to spend the full time during your internship period.

Minimum Age: No Limitation.

Nationality: Our programs are available to all nationalities.

Note: Seats are limited and we select intern on the first come first serve basis.