Guide and Porter Hire in Nepal

As you prepare to travel to the amazing country of Nepal for the first time, then you must hire guide of your own as Nepal is culturally and naturally diverse. The most of the trekkers may think the trekking guide job is nothing but only to show the trail. But it is completely the misconception as a guide is a bank of hiking knowledge, an organizer, an assistant or a helper, a media to the local people, non-paid ambassador of Nepal tourism and a friend that can help you if you in emergencies in the high mountains. Your guide will be accountable for all your emergencies. Your guide even in the midnight will runs down for fastest help if you are in an emergency to organize a quickest rescue and takes care of you in High Mountains. In addition, a guide shows you the most interesting places, give the information about the tradition, cultures and religion, shows short cut trail and ask the locals about route condition and makes your holiday more beautifully memorable. Your guide will be highly experience and well trained by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, who can give you the all the information of Nepal and its cultural

With the guide the porter is equally important as it will not be possible to carry the heavy load of the belongings by yourself all the trekking trail. Your porter will be responsible for caring all your belongings in all the trekking trails until the end of your trekking. These porter are mostly the strong people from those the nearby the isolated village of the trekking trail. With the help of the porters you don’t have to worry about carrying the heavy gears, they will do it for you. If you get lucky and your porter can speak few English, then they will tell you about the unknown interesting facts of the place they believe in and also help you to translate things for you to locals.  The trekking guides and the porter will help you to make your trekking more interesting and memorable.

Guide per day Salary in Everest Region:

  • Guide: US$ 23.00 per day
  • Guide/Porter: US$ 20.00 Per day
  • Porter: US$ 18.00 per day

Guide per day Salary in Annapurna Region,

  • Guide: US$20.00 per day
  • Guide/Porter: US$ 18.00 per day
  • Porter: US$ 12.00 per day

Guide per day Salary Langtang Region Trekking

  • Guide: US$ 22.00 per day
  • Guide/Porter: US$ 20.00 per day
  • Porter: US$ 14.00 per day

Guide per day Salary Manaslu Trekking Region

  • Guide: US$ 28.00 per day
  • Guide/Porter: US$ 28.00 per day
  • Porter: US$ 20.00 per day

Guide per day Salary Mustang Region

  • Guide: US$ 28.00 per day
  • Guide/Porter: US$ 28.00 per day
  • Porter: US$ 20.00 per day

Price will includes:

  • Salary
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Their equipment.

Note: (You will have to pay yourself food, accommodation, transportation for your self, if necessary Domestic air ticket for your self and Nepali staff, National park permit, when you are using this kind of service and will inform to you total cost in advance).

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