Nepal rescue insurance is the most important part of insurance while on adventure trip. Please be sure that your insurance policy must cover all your rescue expenses probably by Helicopter. If you are injured and unable to travel, you can ask for a rescue helicopter or charter flight.

It cost around USD 5000 for a rescue in some remote location of Nepal. Be sure your policy specifically covers helicopter evacuation, which you have to pay in Nepal and claim on your country. Pay good attention on it before you leaving for travel.

Helicopter Rescue

On the trekking there are few medical post in the trail head. However, most accidents or illnesses will occur in the absence of reliable medical care. If you find yourself ill or injured in the mountains, Above the Himalaya trekking will rescue you. If you have small injuries and health problem and altitude sickness then our staff will take care you immediately. For the more serious medical problems emergency helicopter rescues are avilable.

Guaranteeing for Payment

Helicopter rescue services will rarely come to your aid without you either making a cash deposit or a promise in Kathmandu . While you are trekking with Above The Himalaya Trekking, we will arrange the rescue and initial payments.  And will claim the payment to your insurance company again be sure you have insurance covering emergency helicopter rescue.