While Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Trekking Map is more useful because you are travelling you should know where are you and how height is it and when you reach in, your next destination here is entire map of Nepal Trekking.  Trekking in Nepal is like walking in the paradise. Here in Nepal we can find many and more about the trekking routes. While Nepal is Himalayan country where you have to walk and many place are rural. Rather only in specific places people are civilizing. Also Nepal altitude various in short distance.

So you have to know about that. For keeping the information and to reach in destination you should have map ore trekking route maps.  You can also notice a lot equipment which is important. For this you can go Trekking info.  Also according to this you can prepare for trekking. Also you have to prepare it according to place because Nepal altitude varies in short distance. Again you have to keep Trekking map which is provided by company and trekking map include according to the trekking routes. Also you have to keep in your mind that you will be lost if you don’t have trekking map. Cause it can makes a bit problem. That why map is important.