lake of gosaikunda

Gosaikunda is most well known lake of Langtang region. It is a lake of fresh alpine water. This located in Rasuwa district of Langtang National Park. It is also pronounced as Gosain Kunda. This place is religious place for Hinduism. People have a great believe in this lake. This area has more than 100 of lakes. Most of the lakes have not got any name and most of the lake can’t reach by foot. Mostly on Janai Purnima and GangaDashara pilgrims from India and Nepal visits here.

Geography and climate

It is located in the surface of 3480 m and it has surface around 34 acres. The complex of Gosaikunda Lake is 4.0 sq mi. The lake melts to the Trishuli. In winter, lake freezes (October-June). Trees like Fir and Oak are finding in this region.

Due to land topography of Nepal, the weather becomes unstable. There are four seasons in Gosaikunda spring, winter, autumn and summer. In spring, Rhododendron the national flower of our country blooms with the charm over the place. Red, pink and white rhododendrons are the symbol of Gosaikunda. Spring is the best month to trek over here. Summer ranges from June to August. There is high chance of rainfall during summer. The average summer ranges up to 500mm. Autumn is the best time to visit the lakes. In Autumn, flowers and greenery blooms. Rain disturbs little in autumn season. As it is in the mountainous range, winter is definitely cold than expectations. During winter, the lake freezes and cover by snow. The sky becomes clear in winter which gives beautiful view.

How to Reach Gosaikunda?

The distance from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda is about 40-45 km. It takes around 6 hour-7 hour to reach there. Daily basis flights and trains are also accessible to reach this region. You also can hire Car/Jeep for personal approach.

Places of Interest to Visit Gosaikunda

Langtang National park

It is the Nepals first Himalayan National park. This national park is establish in 1976. It has cover area of 1710 square km. The nearest city near Langtang National park is Kathmandu. Its governing body is Department of National Parks and Wildlife Reserves. This Langtang Park has different weather like autumn, summer, winter and spring. People like tamang, Sherpa, rai lives here from long period of time. Langtang Park has lots of Natural beauties. Activities like bird watching, butterfly watching, hiking, trekking are famous over here.

Pancha Pokhari

The word usually reads Pancha Pokhari Understood as the group of 5 lakes. Pancha Pokhari is situates 4100 m above from the sea level. It is situated in Sindupalchwok district of Bhotang. We can find here natural water. This lake is religious site for Hinduism. People in Janai Purnima come here especially to praise the god of lake and worships here. It is a lake of 9th highest altitude. Trekking to Pancha Pokhari is more interesting.

Hotels in Gosaikunda

There are several numbers of hotels and lodges to provide accommodation properly for guest. They tries their best to give the best facility. Some of the famous hotels in Gosaikunda are:

  • Morning View Hotel
  • Old Namaste Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel Namaste
  • Hotel Namaste Gosaikunda

Package for Gosaikunda Trek

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